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Jika semua orang di dunia punya hak memilih presiden Amerika maka Obama menang telak

Posted by jendelaindonesia pada Oktober 30, 2008

Jika Penduduk Dunia bisa memilih presiden Amerika maka Obama menang telak

Oleh: Syafedi Syafei, Ph.D

Jika penduduk dunia punya hak memilih presiden Amerika, maka Obama menang telak, lihat link ini

Luar biasa, itulah ungkapan yang diucapkan atas popularitas populeritas Barrack Obama, Dari dukungan dan diskusi pada situs pendukung Obama, dimana postingnya berjumlah

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pada hari kamis tanggal 30 Oktober 2008, jam 10:30 malam, empat hari menjelang pemilihan presiden Amerika yang akan diadakan pada tanggal 4 November 2008. Beberapa wall post yang ada pada facebook tersebut ditulis disini.

Mohamed Hassanein (Egypt) wrote
at 12:44pm
What if the whole world could vote?
see this:

Syafedi Syafei wrote
at 9:29pm on October 24th, 2008

Syafedi Syafei (Indonesia)

Syafedi Syafei wrote
at 9:17pm on October 24th, 2008
Hope you will be next elected president, sent me a letter if you win or lost. You still the greatest man in the internet era. Your letter will motivate and inspire young generation in Indonesia where you live during childhood

Syafedi Syafei wrote
at 7:36pm on October 23rd, 2008
I am not sure Obama will be the next president of USA, I think it will take 20 more years the number of color people will be about equal to white people in USA. Many white people still think, they are the greatest in the world, they still don’t want the president of USA having different skin color with them. If they are not racist, the next president will be Obama. Vote for Obama, tell to the world the people of The USA is not racist, as mention in the law. “All is equal before the law”

Syafedi Syafei wrote
at 4:47am on October 20th, 2008
I know many great man/woman stay or study at Chicago south side. The town has become the melting pot of many ethnic from all over the world. They are Oprah, Mohamed Ali, Carol Moseley Braun and You Barrack Obama (USA). From Indonesia include Amin Rais, Nurchalis Majid. All of them become the great inspiration and agent of change for for better life. I believe that you Obama will be the next president of United State of America, and agent of change for better life for next generation all over the world. You will win the next president if American people not racist as mention in the law that “all equal before the law”. Almost all polling show that you will win. Thanks from Syafedi Syafei, The creator of Jendela Indonesia website in 1995 at IIT Chicago

Priany Hadiatmodjo (NYU) wrote
at 9:29am on October 22nd, 2008
You too, Kim. Good night!

I’m watching Palin on CNN. Sometimes I still can’t believe that she is actually running for V.P. of the United States. Literally unbelievable to me. Just gets worse and worse. Is she REALLY talking about Joe Biden?

Priany Hadiatmodjo (NYU) wrote
at 9:09am on October 22nd, 2008
Haha Donna! I have yet to come across a McVities cookies that I didn’t annihilate. What I’d really like is a Guinness pie though. I’d imagine that’d be hard to transport though. 😉

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THIS EARLY VOTING!!!!! Everyone’s just Barackin’ it!

Priany Hadiatmodjo (NYU) wrote
at 2:51am on October 21st, 2008
“lets be honest barack has gotten a pass “compared” with say, palin…..But this is because it is not “politicaly correct” to criticize a black man…”

If Barack has gotten a pass because it’s not politically correct to criticize a black man, I think that what the McCain camp HAS been able to get away with is far worse. Capitalizing upon his “other”-ness, linking him to terrorist activity, the whole “That one!” debacle, birth certificate controversy, etc would have a much different effect if say Barack Obama was white or 100% white, I should say. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Priany Hadiatmodjo (NYU) wrote
at 10:39pm on October 20th, 2008
@Dan, I think it’s easy to get discouraged because this election is kind of crazy, but I think it would be a real waste if you did in fact, waste your vote. I’d just try to think about what YOU think is most important and not what other people are focusing on here on this board or elsewhere and make the best, most informed decision you can make. I think that’s what I’ve tried to do and I just happen to agree with Obama on the things that matter most to me. I do think that whoever is elected is going to have a LOT of challenges to deal with, which is also why I’d rather vote for someone who I believe has the power to unify a nation that is so terribly divided right now. I think Obama has the ability to do that and to be a good leader, much more so than McCain, but again just one more reason why I’m voting for him. I also think it’s easy for people seem like “fanatics” about this because I think this election matters more to people than any election has before.

Priany Hadiatmodjo (NYU) wrote
at 9:10pm
“Since the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973, which happened during a Republican’s term in office, there has been six presidents. Four out of those six presidents were Republican’s who did not support the decision. So if 26 years of Republican, pro-life presidents won’t overturn the decision, what makes you think that voting another Republican into office will change it? ”

Alejandro, if you’re interested, please read this article by a fellow Christian, who believes that abortion is a “horrible practice that takes away valuable lives” :

And she’s only 17! Smart article by a smart girl.

Priany Hadiatmodjo (NYU) wrote
at 12:34pm
Well, friends, it’s been real, but it’s 1:33 in the morning! Good night, awesome people. 🙂

Alexis Blythe Meece (Dallas / Fort Worth, TX) wrote
at 12:25pm
Hey Priany! I loved it too! I thought it was very inspiring.

Issac, I am actually in Kentucky right now, and voted today in Indiana where I am registered. I am from Texas and am moving back soon, so thats why this account has that network, (I know, I’m all over) but I gotta tell ya, Texas has some deep red roots, but even if it does not turn blue in this election Obama has DEFINITELY made progress and its probably more blue than it ever has been. And for that I am proud of Barack.

Achie Harahap wrote
at 2:22pm
Go Abama!!!

Hasan Jamil Mostafi wrote
at 2:06pm
I’m one of the supporters of Obama. I’m working in a national English daily in Bangladesh ‘The News Today’ and I want to help my favourit candidate by publishing more valuable news on Obama if u can send them regularly. Please

My e-mail:
Website of my newspaper:

Stephanie Irwin-Weckworth (Kitchener, ON) wrote
at 8:58pm
I am a Canadian, but if I could vote down there, I would vote for Obama! While the election directly affects americans, there is also an impact on other countries when the decision is made on who to put in the White House. I know an overwhelming number of Canadians are rooting for Obama. God Bless and Good Luck Senator Obama!!

Abla Alami (Morocco) wrote
at 8:42pm

Sasha Sziwy wrote
at 8:42pm
BELGIUM loves obama

Obama president


Kepler Wendel R. (France) wrote
at 8:40pm
LASTEST NEWS : See the photo by following the link below

At 4days 15 hours and 25 Minutes, “THE ELECTORAL VOSTE ESTIMATE” show a large VICTORY for OBAMA with 291 votes against 163 votes for MCCAIN.



Элдop Caттop (York UK) wrote
at 8:43pm
¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨ „ø¤º°¨
¨°º¤ø„ OBAMA „ø¤º°¨ Copy and paste
¸„ø¤º°¨ ROCKS! “°º¤ø„¸ If you believe in the
ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø FUTURE OF AMERICA


Olivia Werry (Belgium) wrote
at 8:03pm
eventhough i’m not american and i don’t live in the united states, I truly hope Obama will become president. I think the usa needs a new image. Bush made from united states a counrty not so very loved by the rest of the world, and i think it’s sad because your country have so much to show and so much interresting places. I think that barack obama could give back the image us, europeans, had of the united states in clinton’s time. I’m sorry for my english that isn’t that good, but i hope you understood what i meant. With the hope of a new america…


Katrine Herskind (Denmark) wrote
at 5:44pm
The world has spoken and we really hope that Barack Obama will become the next American president!!


Soirsce Kastner (China) wrote
at 4:28pm
obama/biden ’08! You’ve got my vote!!!


Tyerel Read (Vancouver, BC) wrote
at 3:39pm
Calling Barrack Obama a socialist is like calling Stalin or Castro a communist. It’s ignorant and laughable. Even the nominee for the Socialist Party of America laughs at the idea of calling Barrack a socialist. Last time I checked, wanting every citizen to be able to have adequate healthcare is not a socialist concept, it is basically just what every other industrial western nation does and it’s time for America to join the rest of western civilization in the 21st Century.

I, as someone who is not American, and someone who, for years, has held in utter contempt the arrogancy of the American people wish there was some possible way for me to vote for this intelligent, strong, charismatic LEADER into office. Get out there America. Bring about this change. Don’t let the right wing and their twisted, perverted, ignorant bastardization of the christian faith steal another election. The rest of the world is waiting for you to stand up and do the right thing.

Make us proud.


Denvy Lo (Hong Kong) wrote
at 2:24pm
Please, America, please vote for Obama. The world doesn’t need another Bush and we certainly don’t need another pointless war.

-D from Hong Kong

Dyron Bonner (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 12:22pm
I am not American but i grew up in Texas where i went to college so i know the systen, and man are you guys beleavers of the system, but guess what it dont work for you, how can you not see this after the last 8 yrs. the only reason why capitalism was packaged and sold to you guys is because it would ensure corporates exploitation, and socialism doesnt. Christmas is the season for giving, but its onlt the corporation that gets and the rest of you test in debt…99% of americans are peasants, and are slaves to the Elite 1%


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