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Inilah berkas sekolah (school Record), yang menyatakan Barrack Obama, Berry Soetoro Islam dan Warga Negara Indonesia

Posted by jendelaindonesia pada Desember 7, 2008

Inilah berkas sekolah (school Record), yang menyatakan Barrack Obama, Berry Soetoro Islam dan Warga Negara Indonesia

Barry School Record

Barry School Record

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Inilah Berkas sekolah Barrack Obama yang menyebababkan kontraversi tentang agama presiden terpilih Barrack Obama. Dari data ini, yang menyatakan Berry beragama Islam juga warga negara Indonesia, jadi mungkin saja pada waktu kecil Berry Soetoro beragama Islam, sesuai dengan agama bapaknya (?). Karena dia masuk ke sekolah katolik, masak agamanya dinyatakan Islam? Kalau dia bukan Islam. Bagaimana soal warga negara?

Perdebatan tentang status agama ini masih berlangsung sampai sekarang. Kalau ini dianggap suatu kesalahan, maka ini menunjukkan betapa lemahnya sistem administrasi kita, Indonesia. Kesalahan ini sering kita temukan, terutama betapa mudahnya seseorang membuat KTP dengan identitas palsu dengan maksud penipuan.

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  1. There needs be further investigation as to where Obama was born. What would happen if after he was elected and was found not to be eligible to be president? Joe Biden would automatically replace him with Nancy as his vice-president. Think about it – is this whole thing a plan to get Joe and Nancy in office through the back door. Comment by cathie | November 1, 2008 <!– @ 10:16 pm –>
  2. WHY DOES IT MATTER IF HE’S MUSLIM? Comment by b.banks | November 2, 2008 3:04 pm –>
  3. This is in special direction to sandyshores…The undeniable truth is it IS very possible he is not qualified to be POTUS. Fact- the airline refused to allow his mother on a plane to Hawaii because of her being so close to term. Fact-there is a notice of birth in hawaii but no actual proof from which hospital. I am 44 and I can get actual documents from the hospital where I was born. WHY wont he Barry Soetoro, muslim in hiding, answer and put to rest this question. If this applies to you when I ask it and it bothers you instead of you thinking WE DO deserve the truth about who he really is, I do not apologize… Since when does character and association not play a factor on things? If your child was in the presence of someone who was associated with pedophiles would that matter. The world is going to hell and we need to wake up and get back to how we were a righteous country 43 presidents ago. SEMPERFI GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. Comment by Aaron | November 6, 2008 <!– @ 8:18 pm –>
  4. We’re with you, Aaron. Thank you so much for your service to our country. We only owe you one thing: Everything. Comment by count us out |

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